4 October 2022

Personal change in the Top Management of Toshiba Tec Germany Imaging Systems GmbH

Effective October 1st , 2022 - Toshiyuki Tokuno has assumed the position of CEO of the company


Toshiyuki Tokuno (54) appointed new CEO (Chief Executive Officer)


Toshiyuki Tokuno has been with Toshiba Tec since 1991 and can draw on a wide range of experience within the company group: From 2011 to 2015, he held executive positions in business planning MFP and BCS/POS (barcode printers and POS systems) at Toshiba Tec Corporation in Tokyo and developed mid-term business strategies and plans. From 2016 to 2021 he was Vice President & CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of the Chinese business at Toshiba Tec Information Systems (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. in China. With the new position as CEO in Neuss, Toshiyuki Tokuno is now working in Europe for the first time.


The 54-year-old succeeds Toshiyasu Takahashi, who has been CEO of the company since July 2018 and will now return to Toshiba Tec Corporation in Tokyo.


About Toshiba Tec

Toshiba Tec Corporation is part of the Toshiba Group, which operates in various high-tech industries. Toshiba Tec Corporation is a leading provider of information technology products with numerous applications in industry, logistics, commerce, healthcare and services. Headquartered in Japan with over 80 offices and subsidiaries worldwide, Toshiba Tec Corporation helps companies transform the way they create, store, share, manage and display information.


Toshiba Tec Germany Imaging Systems GmbH is part of the globally operating Toshiba Tec Corporation. The product range includes printers and multifunction systems, as well as effective software solutions for document management. Innovative digital signage solutions and label printers with a wide range of applications in the industrial, logistics, retail, healthcare and service sectors round off the product range.


Toshiba Tec Germany Imaging Systems GmbH's HQ is located in Neuss, Germany, where European business activities are managed and coordinated.

Further information is available at www.toshibatec.eu.


Toshiba Tec Germany Imaging Systems GmbH

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