Blue Angel

About Blue Angel

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The German Blue Angel (“Blauer Engel”) was introduced more than 30 years ago and is one of the best known eco-labels worldwide. It sets a standard for eco-friendly products and services selected by an independent jury in line with defined criteria.

The label is awarded to companies as kind of a reward for their commitment to environmental protection and offers manufactures a simple way to prove the environmental-friendliness of their products to customers. For consumers the Blue Angel is a practical guide in order to simplify the selection and decision process.

Toshiba and Blue Angel

Toshiba’s printing solutions are subject to the awarding guideline RAL-UZ 205 (Basic Criteria for the Award of the Environmental Label, Office Equipment with Printing Function (Printers and Multifunction Devices)). This awarding guideline defines the relevant requirements for office equipment, which Toshiba takes into account when developing new products. The essential requirements of the awarding guideline are:

  • Longevity of systems
  • Low noise emission
  • Low chemical emissions
  • Low emission of ultrafine particles
  • Low energy consumption
  • Duplex-printing capability
  • Capability to use recycling-paper (according to EN 12281)
  • Recycling-friendly design and usage of recycling-friendly materials
  • Marking of plastic-parts
  • No usage of substances in toner which are classified as hazardous

Benefits to environment and health

  • Saving natural resources
  • Minimised pollutant impact on indoor air quality
  • Low energy consumption in idle modes for enhanced climate protection
  • Low-noise operation does not interfere with users’ concentration
  • Promotes the use of recycled paper
  • Duplex unit for double-sided printing on high-end systems

A list of compliant products can be found on the website of the Blue Angel.