Digital Signage

Taking engagement to the next level!

AEG x Toshiba digital signage installation, live at the Mercedes-Benz Arena and Plaza in Berlin, Germany, takes entertainment to the next level. 130 POS-systems, 315 displays, video walls, touch screens and several LED-screens on a square of 600m2: this set-up ensures a unique customer experience and makes the Mercedes Platz the leading entertainment location in Europe. AEG increased its interaction with guests and offered 360-degree digital customer experience. Additionally, the high Toshiba standards assure high-quality and easy maintenance.

Visual Communication

Toshiba and digital signage – a natural fit

As a high-tech specialist with in-depth expertise in information technology, Toshiba draws on vast experience in digital information sharing. Toshiba Tec Germany Imaging Systems delivers solutions ranging from multifunctional print and copy systems, barcode and label printers to digital document and information management solutions. It is only logical that Toshiba is your partner for digital signage.

Digital signage has a vast and growing array of applications - used to provide information, enable interaction and foster cooperation. Digital signage can also be seamlessly interconnected with other technologies and equipped with predictive analytics capabilities.

Where it all comes together - our modular digital signage offering begins with consulting and project management and includes software and hardware as well as development and installation services. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose between individual products and services or end-to-end solutions – we can even offer financing and leasing options. Our approach can be summed up in two words - Together Information.


Digital Signage Inform RZ

Toshiba digital signage solutions serve to inform customers, staff and partners at all stages of the value chain. From quality control in production, route planning and yard management in logistics to displaying promotional information in retail stores, digital signage adds value and boosts efficiency.

We can also provide a content management system, enabling you to create playlists and templates to determine when every image or video is displayed. With our Toshiba Ellumina Experience Manager, you can carry out every step on location or online in the cloud. Our experts will help you find the right hardware and software combination to present your content to the right audience at the right time and in the right place.


A key feature of many different Toshiba digital signage solutions is interaction. Our systems can be equipped to enter into dialogue with the user in countless ways. Touchscreen interfaces enable customers to access additional information, find products or navigate shopping centres. Digital displays can be programmed to respond to RFID chips embedded in products – when a potential buyer picks up an item to examine it, the system presents additional details or related products. Customised user experiences also enable you to collect invaluable data. Different interfaces allow automatic transfer of all information from and between to your existing databases (e.g. ERP, calendars or simple Excel files).

We offer digital signage hardware and tailored solutions for virtually every setting, along with the software to support interaction. Where data protection and data security are essential, for example, we can deliver on-premises solutions. Let’s talk about the type and depth of interaction your system needs.

Digital Signage Interact RZ


Digital Signage Collaborate RZ

Remote collaboration has become part of everyday business in many different industries. Good to know that Toshiba offers collaboration tools to enable your employees to participate in meetings, share screen content and keep colleagues on the same page – in the office, overseas or on the road. Whether you want to equip a single workplace (stationary or mobile), a huddle space or multiple different workspaces for an entire decentralised conferencing system, our array of scalable solutions includes the right combination for you.


Interconnecting different technologies enables unprecedented efficiency and flexibility in responding to changing needs, information and data. By integrating digital signage into Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, we take it to the next level. With intelligent sensors and triggers as well as connections to weather data, location information etc., we can help you create an incomparable user experience. In retail, for example, you can implement tailored promotion – and showcase umbrellas when it begins to rain, sunscreen on sunny days and fan articles when the local team wins.

Digital Signage Connect RZ


Digital Signage Predict RZ

Sophisticated algorithms and self-learning systems enable you to project future developments, including customer behaviour. Our predictive analytics solutions in combination with digital signage ensure that precisely the right information is automatically displayed. Using historical data, public statistics and live data, integrated artificial intelligence (AI) functionality delivers projections of unprecedented accuracy. For example, you can determine which product should be promoted where to maximise sales. Take advantage of our big data expertise.

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Each customer is unique and has special requirements. This is why we make sure our offers are as individual as you are. Let us show you what our digital signage team can do for you.

The four pillars of Toshiba digital signage

Consulting & Project Management

Digital signage is a fast-growing technology – today’s industry standard could be an old hat tomorrow. We at Toshiba Tec always keep our focus on customer needs and trends shaping the future of the market. That means you can concentrate fully on your core business, while we help drive your digital strategy and the digitalisation of your business processes. Count on your local contact person to support your digitalisation goals.

Installation & Maintenance          

Our service team, in cooperation with selected partners, is able to realise nearly all digital signage projects throughout Europe. Based on our extensive experience and know-how as well as in-house and third-party technology of the highest quality, we deliver installation, documentation and maintenance from a single source. Sit back and let us coordinate your entire project.

Software & Development        

As a full-service integrator, we choose the right software solution and platform to precisely meet your needs and wishes. Even if your requirements are complex and specific to your business, we will find a solution: you can rely on us to develop customised applications on request.

Financing & Return of Invest        

No matter how large or small your budget is, we will find the right products and financing model to realise your digital signage projects. We offer outright purchase as well as various leasing and rental models to fit your business model and strategic objectives. Based on your business KPIs and our data analytics, we are able to demonstrate the ROI of your digital signage implementation in real numbers.

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Each customer is unique and has special requirements. This is why we make sure our offers are as individual as you are. Let us show you what our digital signage team can do for you.