10 April 2017


Toshiba Tec to date has offset 500,000 tonnes of CO2e with its Toshiba Carbon Zero Scheme for printing solutions in Europe.

Neuss/Germany – April 2017, Toshiba Tec announced it has reached a milestone with its pan-European Toshiba Carbon Zero Scheme when it passed  the 500,000 tonnes milestone mark. This amount is equivalent to the annual emissions from almost 110,000 European homes or keeping 11.5 million energy saving light bulbs switched on for a year. Toshiba has been offsetting the carbon generated throughout the entire life-cycle of its printing solution products – including production, transportation and usage –  since 2009.

All carbon emissions have been offset in cooperation with CO2balance through certified projects around the world. And while available schemes for the offsetting programme vary throughout Europe, they all help benefit the lives of individuals in developing countries. The supported initiatives currently include an energy efficient stoves project, in which villagers in Kenya reduce their use of wood for fuel through the provision of highly efficient stoves. Further projects currently underway include the rehabilitation of boreholes in Uganda that supply clean, safe water, as well as work on reducing deforestation in the Amazon rainforest in Brazil.

Besides adding to the global aim of reducing carbon emissions, these project also have a positive impact on the regions where these projects are run: The creation of new jobs and savings due to less firewood needing to be purchased improve the economic situation of the people and reduce health related issues related to smoke or contaminated water. As a consequence more time and money is available for children to attend school regularly.

The benefits of the Toshiba Carbon Zero Scheme have also been acknowledged by the United Nations, which set a total of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which the aim of ending poverty, protecting the planet, and ensuring prosperity for all by 2030. Toshiba’s contribution towards these goals are listed as a partnership project on the UN’s website

“Toshiba always strives to protect the environment” says Dierk Ulken, European Deputy Manager Environment at Toshiba Tec. “We are very proud to have achieved this outstanding milestone and would like to thank our customers who made this possible. By buying Toshiba printing systems they helped make a valuable contribution to reducing the global emission of greenhouse gases.”

For more information about the Toshiba Carbon Zero Scheme please visit: https://www.toshibatec.eu/about/sustainability/carbon-zero/

About CO2balance
Established in 2003, CO2balance UK Ltd is a leading, UK based, carbon management provider offering carbon calculation, management and reduction services to leading blue chip companies including, BSkyB, Toshiba TEC and Gaz De France. As a project developer CO2balance UK Ltd creates African Gold Standard and CDM projects that focus on social, health and community benefits to the families within the project area, in addition to carbon savings. For more information about CO2balance please visit www.co2balance.com

About Toshiba TEC
Toshiba Tec Corporation is a Toshiba’s group company, a leading provider of technology solutions, operating across multiple industries – ranging from retail, education and business services to hospitality and manufacturing. With headquarters in Japan and over 80 subsidiaries worldwide, Toshiba Tec Corporation helps organizations transform the way they create, record, share, manage and display information. Toshiba TEC Germany Imaging Systems GmbH is headquartered in Neuss, Germany, where all European business activities are managed and coordinated.

Visit the Global Toshiba Tec's web site at http://www.toshibatec.co.jp/en

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