Rainforest Protection Project

Rainforest Protection Project in Brazil

The project is located within the Amazon Rainforest of Brazil and is based around the protection of the forest through avoided deforestation and sustainable forestry management. The protection of the rainforest avoids the release of carbon emissions, with the trees acting as a natural sponge, absorbing carbon dioxide emissions as they grow. As well as carbon savings it supports the Amazon's rich biodiversity of plants and wildlife.

Social & community benefit

  • Infrastructure: Construction of a school building to support education services for the local communities.
  • Social Research: Study conducted in partnership with local universities to understand the social reality of residents in the riverside communities of the project area.
  • Sustainable forest management: training courses in seed production and sustainable local fruit for the members of the local communities
  • Construction of a nursery to recover degraded land and to enable community members to collect seeds for sale.