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Compliance Policy

Toshiba is committed to help create a greener tomorrow. Adhering to International and European standards and regulations is essential for maintaining a responsible approach to sustainability. Our commitment to recycling and reducing our environmental impact means Toshiba meets and exceeds the standards set by many directives. Including:

- RoHS (Restriction of the use of certain Hazardous
- REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and
  Restriction of Chemicals)
- WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)

Access to environmental certificates and declarations

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Based on Toshiba commitment to put concern for the environment as a priority in all our business activities so as to protect people’s safety and health as well as the world’s natural resources, we support the overall goal of REACH and are committed to comply and to fulfil all legal obligations.
REACH (the EU chemical regulation Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) requires manufacturers and importers to register and submit not only new chemical substances but also tens of thousands of existing chemical substances. Toshiba meets all REACH requirements and is committed to provide our customers with information about the chemical substances in our products according to REACH regulation.

Download our REACH Art.33 Declaration

Blue Angel

The German Blue Angel (“Blauer Engel”) was introduced more than 40 years ago and is an independent and credible label that sets stringent standards for environmentally friendly products and services.

The Blue Angel guarantees that a product places less burden on the environment and fulfils high standards when it comes to protecting human health. It offers manufactures a simple way to prove the environmental-friendliness of their products. For consumers the Blue Angel is a practical guide in order to simplify the selection and decision process.

Blue Angel Eco Label

Toshiba and Blue Angel

Toshiba’s printing solutions are subject to the awarding guideline DE-UZ 219 (Office Equipment with Printing Function (Printers and Multifunction Devices)). This awarding guideline defines the relevant requirements for office equipment, which Toshiba takes into account when developing new products. The essential requirements of the awarding guideline are:

  • Longevity of systems
  • Low noise emission
  • Low chemical emissions
  • Low emission of ultrafine particles
  • Low energy consumption
  • Duplex-printing capability
  • Capability to use recycling-paper (according to EN 12281)
  • Recycling-friendly design and usage of recycling-friendly materials
  • Marking of plastic-parts
  • No usage of substances in toner which are classified as hazardous

Benefits to environment and health

  • Saving natural resources
  • Minimised pollutant impact on indoor air quality
  • Low energy consumption in power save modes for enhanced climate protection
  • Low-noise operation does not interfere with users’ concentration
  • Promotes the use of recycled paper
  • Duplex unit for double-sided printing on high-end systems

A list of compliant products can be found on the website of the Blue Angel.

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