Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Toshiba Tec Group always conducts its business activities by bearing in mind its status as a corporate citizen of planet Earth. And as a corporate citizen of planet Earth we are willing to fulfil the role of an enterprise toward a better natural environment.

In order to build a sustainable society, we are working on an environmental plan by giving top priority to the conservation and protection of the world’s natural resources, in every business process and product. We are also committed to providing environmentally conscious products around the world and reducing the environmental impact in every stage of our business activities including development, production and distribution.

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CSR Activities in Europe

Tree Planting

We took part in the "1.5 Million Tree-Planting Project" initiated by the Toshiba Group. Aim of this project is to plant 1.5 million trees world-wide by the 2025 – the year in which marks the 150th anniversary of our company.

Between April 2011 and October 2013 we organised six tree-planting days and planted a total of 12,000 trees in Germany alone. Around 40 participants – trainees, employees and top-management – took part in each event and welcomed the chance to actively contribute to protecting the forest.


Global Environmental Action

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What is the Global Environmental Action Day?

The Toshiba Group has launched an initiative to increase the environmental awareness of its employees and at the same time give them the possibility to actively participate in different projects. Each year on the 5th of June - the UN’s World Environment Day - the Toshiba Group celebrates the Global Environmental Action Day (GEAD) and presents the best activities from Toshiba companies around the world.


European activities

The European headquarters of Toshiba Tec organised an e-waste collection for the employees and donated 1 Euro per kg waste collected to support the restauration of boreholes in Uganda. A total of 12 boreholes could be restored, giving hundreds of people access to clean drinking water.

The employees at the European headquarters were informed in detail about the T-COMPASS, with which Toshiba visualises the environmental impact of our business. They could also bring in their e-waste and harmful substances, such as paint or house-hold chemicals, which were then disposed off correctly.