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A profitable partnership is key to any strong business relationship - but being a Toshiba Business Partner is more than just about sales.

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In today’s ever-changing competitive marketplace your customers are finding it easy to transition from one supplier to another as their purchase guidelines tend to revolve more and more around securing the best price. At Toshiba we are extremely protective of our partners and preserving their valuable customer base - we realise the basis of our partnership needs to accommodate the availability of strong commercial plans and pricing – but we believe in providing our partners with more than that, we focus on giving them a competitive edge, as they are an extension of our brand. As we work and invest to grow your business, in turn you grow ours.

All business partners have different preferences, different sales architectures, different service infrastructures, different customer profiles and vertical segment focus, different value propositions, and ultimately different ambitions. The realisation of all of these variations form the relevant foundations for Toshiba’s strong philosophy of ‘customer intimacy’ that provides the direction for a meaningful and productive partnership – it’s about working extremely closely with Business Partners and adapting our offering, support and features to suit their business goals.

Why partner with Toshiba

Our drive is to ensure our business partners feel valued and stand out from the crowd. A Toshiba partnership is the vehicle that will undoubtedly optimise your levels in the marketplace for sales, service and support, enabling you to operate to the highest standard.