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Join the label printing revolution

As a label printer manufacturer committed to driving innovation, we invite you to join the label printing revolution. Embrace automation with Toshiba and redefine the way you do business. Experience the difference our automated labelling systems can make – it's time to unlock your true potential.

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Unleash the power of automation 


Imagine a label printing process that's not just fast but highly efficient, accurate, and cost-effective. Our automated labelling system APLEX is designed to streamline your operations and bring your business to new heights. Migrate easily from manual to automatic labelling and embrace the power of automation. 

Automatic label print and apply system that combines high performance and cost effectiveness. Suitable for a wide variety of industrial and manufacturing based environments due to its design, performance, and low cost of ownership. 


  • Everything included to make installation and configuration of your automatic labelling system a breeze.

  • Easy integration – Our ready-to-go solutions enable in-line operation and increased efficiency of your production line.

  • Cost-effective automatic print and apply system for a wide range of applications in a variety of sectors.

  • Easy upgrade from manual to automaded labelling - Ready to use in just a few hours.


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Superior efficiency for maximum productivity 


With our high-speed labelling printers, you can bid farewell to manual label application woes. Our print and apply system can handle up to 1,800 products per hour, significantly accelerating your production lines. No more bottlenecks or wasted time – just smooth, efficient labelling. 



Precision and quality with every label 

Human errors can be costly, especially when it comes to labelling. Our automatic label systems ensure consistent and accurate application, minimizing the risk of costly mistakes and boosting overall product quality and safety. Appreciate the attention to detail, the intelligent design and the use of standard mechanisms to minimize the need for maintenance. 


Cost savings that matter 

We understand that investing in automation is a significant decision. That's why our automated labelling systems are designed as low-cost automatic applications solutions that work hassle-free with standard Toshiba industrial printers. Reduced labor costs, minimised waste due to fewer labelling errors, and enhanced overall efficiency contribute to impressive financial benefits. 


Flexibility to adapt and thrive 

As your label printer manufacturer, we recognize that businesses evolve. Why pay more for a complex custom-made automatic printing system, when with Toshiba you can save up to 50% on the investment? If you already have B-EX industrial printers, you can easily transform them into powerful automatic labelling systems with the APLEX4 option. Scale up and meet the demands of the future with confidence.

Unleash the potential in your industry

Our automated labelling systems cater to diverse industries seeking transformative solutions.

Manufacturing & Packaging

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Streamline your packaging process and boost output with automated labelling on your assembly line. 

Transport & Logistics


Enhance inventory management and simplify tracking with automatic labelling in your warehouses and distribution centers. 

Retail & E-Commerce


Expedite pricing and inventory management, ensuring your retail operations stay agile and responsive to market demands. 

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