In today's fast moving business, quick and reliable access to your business critical documents is important. The way how a company handles documents and the valuable information they contain is key to increasing productivity.

Working intelligently with documents is a critical factor for a successful business strategy and contributes to a company’s competitive edge. Much more than just well-organised storage and quick searches, it's all about creating secure and efficient processes that include your entire organisation. It might sound drastic, but it's a fact: companies that cling to their analog archives and paper-based processes and don’t take advantage of digital advances, aren’t just neglecting their productivity, they are risking their company's very existence for the long-term. Use DocuWare to strengthen your organisation to meet the needs of a modern business - today and tomorrow. You’ll quickly see how the leading Enterprise Content Management solution optimises your processes – between users and across departments. DocuWare is known for its high-level security, maximum scalability and flexible integration which makes it a good fit for small businesses as well as large companies with subsidiaries around the world. Thanks to its modular design it can be customised to meet each company's individual needs. Customers can decide if they want to run their own local on-premise version of DocuWare or use the cloud based DocuWare service. Flexible licensing options also help to customise each offer. The embedded client for our Toshiba e-BRIDGE X and e-BRIDGE Next MFPs is the ideal gateway to bridge the gap between paper and electronic documents and make digitising and archiving your paper documents with DocuWare a breeze.

Have more time for the important matters

Increase your efficiency and avoid mistakes

Save paper, office space and money

Secure your documents and valuable information

For companies of all sizes, across industries, within departments

Embedded client for our Toshiba e-BRIDGE X and e-BRIDGE Next MFPs


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