Improve your efficiency and productivity by printing where, when and what you want.

The virtual print queue concept of e-FOLLOW will hold your print jobs until you decide where you want to print. This gives you full flexibility: One printer is busy? You prefer to print on the system closest to the meeting room? No problem. Your print job will follow you – wherever you may go. The advantage: Not only is it up to you where your print, you also have certainty that your confidential documents will not fall into the wrong hands.   e-FOLLOW is available in two versions: e-FOLLOW Essentials is your entrance ticket to the world of output management. Basic features give you access to secure pull-printing functionality and simple reporting on the usage of your systems. For larger companies with more complex print environments e-FOLLOW Professional is the perfect solution. Complex cost control features and scheduled reporting turn this application into more than a simple pull-printing solution. Printing rules give you additional control over the companies document output.

An intelligent printing solution for flexible document output

Intuitive usage of all features via the MFP control panel

Sophisticated yet easy to use web-based administration

Quota management per group, device and user for accurate cost control


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