Configure, operate and monitor a Toshiba MFP in your network is a breeze thanks to the web-based TopAccess device interface.<br />
Separated web-pages for users and administrators offer complete access to the Toshiba system.

TopAccess is a web-based job and device management tool that allows you to access information about the Toshiba multifunctional system via the network. It has two web pages: one is designed for end-users and the other for administrators. The end-user page displays the system status and job status and also enables you to create and maintain your private template templates.
The administrator page enables network administrators to configure the device settings, conduct maintenance tasks and update the address book, public template groups as well as public templates. 

Access the web-page of your Toshiba MFP directly via a web-browser

Easy access to system status, e.g. toner and paper level

Remote administration of all important system settings over the network

Easy set-up of individual one-touch job templates for complex or repeatedly used functions


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