24 January 2018


The success story continues. Toshiba’s unique Hybrid MFP has once again been recognised as industry-leading technology and has received the “Outstanding Achievement in Innovation” award from Buyers Laboratory.  

Neuss/Germany – January 2018, Toshiba Tec today announced that Buyers Laboratory (BLI), part of Keypoint Intelligence, has selected the Toshiba e-STUDIO3508LP for the “Winter 2018 Outstanding Achievement in Innovation” award. This so called Hybrid MFP is a unique A3 multifunction system (MFP) which combines conventional printing with erasable printing. The erasable printing allows regular office paper to be reused, which can significantly reduce the paper consumption and thus carbon footprint of a company. In October 2017 BLI had already rated the Hybrid MFP “Highly Recommended” after extensive testing in their labs. Back then it was the “exemplary ease of use, robust security features and superb image quality” which impressed them. BLI now acknowledges the innovative technology behind the e-STUDIO3508LP’s.   

“For any organisation committed to maintaining ‘green’ work ethos, Toshiba’s latest generation model, the e-STUDIO3508LP, is worth a look,” said George Mikolay, Associate Director of Copiers/Production for Keypoint Intelligence - Buyers Lab. “The ability to render content printed with erasable blue toner transparent, and reuse and erase paper up to five times (or more) within a single eco hybrid integrated system, is truly unique and innovative in the marketplace. What’s more, the unit’s dual-toner system provides added flexibility for users so that higher value documents can be printed using black toner.”

Since the launch of the product in June 2017 the Hybrid MFP has received several awards all around the world. This shows the growing awareness for sustainable print and document management and the importance to offer products and solutions which focus on how to use valuable resources more efficiently.

“We are thrilled that once again our Hybrid MFP has received an award.” says Akira Ito, Product Manager at Toshiba Tec. “BLI recognising our pioneering technology as Outstanding Achievement in Innovation confirms our belief that in today’s world companies care more and more about the environmental impact their business has. When developing the Hybrid MFP our aim was to support this more sustainable and responsible approach of companies with strong commitments to corporate social responsibilities (CSR).”

The e-STUDIO3508LP is one of three systems in Toshiba’s latest Hybrid MFP series. For more information, please visit https://www.toshibatec.eu/campaigns/hybrid-mfp/

The availability of the product throughout Europe may vary from country to country.

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