Hybrid MFP

Re-Think Re-Print.

Connect. Integrate. Simplify. Reuse.

Monochrome printing has never been this green.

Toshiba’s hybrid technology combines conventional printing with erasable printing which allows you to reuse paper over and over again. One single device which easily connects, integrates, and simplifies your workflows — and also helps to save valuable resources.

The e-STUDIO5008LP series consist of three models which help businesses to operate efficiently, economically and ecologically. Enjoy all features you need for your daily business and save resources by reusing your paper with Toshiba’s Hybrid MFP.



Very often we print documents, which are only needed temporary, e.g. to proof-read a document or as a reminder to do something. For these cases Toshiba’s hybrid systems give you the possibility to select the erasable blue toner, so that when you don’t need your document anymore, you don’t have to throw the paper away, but can delete whatever was printed on it and reuse the sheet. Besides saving costs for paper (purchase, storage, distribution and disposal) there is also a significant environmental benefit as you automatically reduce the carbon emission and water consumption, which is generated during the paper production.

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But of course, the e-STUDIO5008LP series can be used like any other multifunction system. All three models offer an extensive range of options and features to customise the systems according to a company’s needs. To support modern document workflows they also include the ability for cloud and mobile printing and can easily be connected to 3rd party applications and all come with state-of-the-art security features to ensure highest possible data protection. Based on Toshiba's latest e-BRIDGE Next controller technology, they are a valuable asset for every company.

Buyers Laboratory (BLI) tested the Hybrid MFP and not only highly recommends it, but also considers it highly reliable and says it offers “robust security” and “superb image quality”. For more information click here.

For more technical details on the e-STUDIO5008LP series, please visit the respective product pages for the e-STUDIO3508LP, e-STUDIO4508LP and e-STUDIO5008LP. Please also visit our FAQ page or contact us to request an individual offer.

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