Data Security

Protect your data

With information being one of the most valuable assets of a company, it is natural for businesses to be concerned about data breaches. So how can you protect your data from unauthorised access? Here are some answers.

Secure your documents

What's yours should stay yours.

Most companies make sure the access to digital documents is restricted through access control lists. But what happens when documents are being printed? To ensure that confidential printouts are not picked up by the wrong person may users simply opt for the "click and run" strategy and hope they have enough time to reach the printer to collect confidential documents before it's too late. But that's not a real security measure. While desktop printers seem to be an answer to this problem, you have to keep in mind that this only increases your costs and is not really a feasable solution for large companies.

A far more effective way is to have authorised access to your shared printers and multifunctional devices in your office just like you have for any computer. Our systems have many built-in features which ensure that documents do not fall into the wrong hands. Furthermore, we have software solutions which will help you secure your data and which come with additional features such as pull-printing and flexible output destinations make your daily work easier.

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The European GDPR

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General Data Protection Regulation

Are you compliant? Most companies feel that they are not yet prepared for GDPR, which came into force in May 2018.

Data protection affects us all. While on one hand we do not like to disclose too much information about ourselves and certainly to not want this information to be freely floating around, we also need information about our customers and business partners in order to maintain our business and relationships. The GDPR not only defines the rules and regulations why, when and which data can be processed and stored, it also stipulates the right for everyone to obtain confirmation from a company whether or not personal data is stored and processed and to request a digital copy, free of charge, of the personal data that is stored.

With our products and solutions we can help you make your business GDPR compliant. Download our brochureglossary and white paper on GDPR or contact us for more information.

Need help?

Do you need help protecting your data? Our experts can support you with ensuring that what's yours, stays yours.