Document Management

Staying on top of things

Working intelligently with documents is a critical factor for a successful business strategy and contributor to a company’s competitive edge. Much more than well-organised storage and quick searches – it’s about creating secure and efficient processes that incorporate your entire organisation. By providing access to information from anywhere and at anytime business processes are faster, more mobile and more reliable.

Seamless processes

Digital document workflows

Have to run from one person to another to get signatures or approvals is very time consuming and waiting for a document to be returned, but not knowing who has it right now, is frustrating. But there is no need for that. Any process that involves documents can be guided and monitored extremely efficiently with the help of digital workflows. A digital workflow is an automated process to handle specific documents – like e.g. invoices - in a pre-defined manner. The invoice can be attended to much faster, allowing you to e.g. take advantage of cash discounts, and you have time to focus on other tasks.

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Working together

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Work as a team - not just in a team

With different people working together on one project documents all too often are stored in numerous different locations or even sites, making them hard to locate in a timely manner. This can make keeping track of document versions and each team member's individual contribution very challenging. It gets even more complicated when looking for linked documents, such as purchase orders, invoices or payment requisitions. The introduction of a document management system can resolve these issues, ensuring all documents in the paper trail are linked and can easily be retrieved.

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Are you ready?

Once you implement a Documenmt Management system, you will ask yourself how your business could work without one. Contact your local Toshiba partner to find out how easy-to-use professional document management can be.