Workflow Automation

Time is money

We all are busy and don't want to waste time looking for the right document or inputting data and filing documents into the correct folder manually. Also following-up with someone to get a signature or approval can be extremely time consuming. What if there is a way to save this time and trouble to focus on more important tasks?

Gain more time

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"Oh no, not again. Can't the intern do this?"

Doing boring, repetetive tasks over and over again steals valuable time. Manual filing of paper e.g. is an inefficient task, not only the filing itself but also the retrieval of documents is time consuming. Especially when a document has mistakenly filed wrong it is nearly impossible to retrieve it later. Additionally, if several people have to work with the same set of documents it is essential that all stick to the same filing policy otherwise your paper archive will end up in a mess.

By using optical character and barcode recognition meta data can be extracted from scanned invoices and used for an automated and indexed filing of the digital copy. By defining a workflow the scanned invoice can be forwarded to the right employee for approval. You can also use existing barcode information on invoices, delivery notes, orders to separate documents when scanning a pile of them in one go.

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Excel in customer service

"Hold on a second, please, I need to fetch the file from the cabinet"

We all know what it feels like to be put on hold because customer service needs to fetch a document or ask a colleague for help. So, of course you want to make sure your customers' experience when they call your service department is nothing less than excellent.

The good news is: it doesn't take much for all required documents to appear on screen after just typing in the caller's customer ID or the invoice number. Even sending a digital copy of the document to the caller with just a click is possible.

A document management or content management system would offer all this and much more. And it is far easier to implement and maintain than you think. Once it is installed you will be able find and share information easily. Impress your customers with excellence - every time they call.

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