Cost Control

Hidden treasures

To find ways to save money, you need a clear picture of what you are spending. Some costs are obvious and easy to control. Others are hidden and you might not even be aware of them. These hidden costs include potential savings, which you could tap into.

Cutting printing costs

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What a waste!

Many prints are done in colour although printing them in black and white would have been sufficient. And more often than not people don't print multi-page documents in duplex. One of the easy to achive cost reduction strategies is to use duplex printing and avoid full colour printing when it's not really required. But how do you make sure the users stick to this simple rule?

Another problem is that many printouts are thrown away because they never got picked up from the printer. Wouldn't it be nice if people only printed things they really need? After all, all of the above costs you money, which you don't need to spend!

The good news is, there is a way to eliminate these unnecessary prints and cut your printing costs. And it is quite simple to do, too. Ask you local Toshiba partner to help you.

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Who? What? Why?

Who's going to pay for that?

When dealing with multiple clients or projects at the same time it is difficult keeping track of which costs are related to which client or project. The same is true if different departments share the same multifunction system. You could simply split the costs or just make a rough estimation, but would that be fair? It would definately not be correct. 

Usually it takes painstaking manual tracking to get a full overview and allocate the costs correctly. But our e-BRIDGE Next models come with the easy-to-use Project Code feature to keep track of all prints, scans, copies and faxes and allocate the related costs accordingly. Up to 100 projects or clients can be monitored.

For even more detailed cost control our output management solutions allow you to budget and track costs down to user level.

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Cut costs and protect the environment

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Economy - Efficiency - Ecology

A digital file repository saves you office and storage space, plus you save time hunting down the documents you need. And just think of how often documents are printed again, just because the first print out has been misplaced. Optimising your printing costs has also has other wonderful side effects: not only do you save money, you also save paper. Besides not having to pay for the paper or the stoarage and disposal of it, you also can also significantly cut your company's carbon footprint. And for the occasional temporary print-outs Toshiba's Hybrid MFP is the perfect solution. It allows you to re-use paper over and over again.

So why not save money and be green at the same time?

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Let's talk about money

Don't guess. We can help you identify actual saving potentials and offer tools to manage your printing costs.